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There's something fun for everyone

At the YMCA, we don't know the meaning of the word "bored". Kids love participating in all our activities—like swimming, art, crafts, dance, games, and science experiments—so much that they don't want to go home.

Child Minding and Zoned In (Ages 0–10)

Enjoy a facility workout or swim while your children are cared for by qualified staff and volunteers in a safe and fun environment.

Child Minding is for kids aged 0–5, provides supervised play with age-appropriate toys, arts and crafts, and special care for babies.

Zoned In is for ages 6–10, allows kids to connect with friends and leaders while engaging in a different activity each day.

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Jr. Gym and Swim (Ages 3-5)

Children love to MOVE! Your child can explore the foundational skills required to move through gymnastics and swimming! Balances, rotations, locomotion's, springs and landings are concepts student will explore to development whole body awareness. Join us in this fun program designed to teach children what their bodies are truly capable of.

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Active Arts (Ages 3–5)

Each week, kids explore age-appropriate movement stations, crafts, music, and stories as well as take a dip in the pool! Social skills like turn-taking, sharing and good listening skills are promoted to encourage healthy mental and emotional development.

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Swim n’ PJ Party (Ages 5-7)

PARENTS! Give yourself a night off and leave your littles with us! We will first tire them out with supervised time in the pools and slides and then we ’ll change into our PJ’s and settle in for a cozy silly Friday night! Activities will include story time and a related activity and we will even feed them pizza dinner if you choose so they come home well fed and ready for bed!

Swim n' PJ Party

Y Not Build It? (Ages 5–12)

Get your child’s creative juices flowing in this cool hands-on program! Your child will be provided with open-ended opportunities to design and build. Not only will your child take home their own creations, we’ll also practice teamwork and cooperation while building in pairs and groups!

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Active Kids (Ages 5–12)

Join our enthusiastic Y leaders for some blood-pumping, high-energy action in the gym and on the outdoor fields after school. We keep children moving by using active challenges and game favourites to encourage physical activity in a fun and engaging way.

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Let's Dance (Ages 5–13)

Our qualified instructors will teach an energetic, fun and modern dance incorporating a variety of styles. Classes include basic technique and step-by-step choreography, so no previous dance experience is necessary.

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Y Basketball (Ages 5–13)

The YMCA Basketball program is designed to be energetic, inclusive, fun and strives to teach children the values of participating in sport for life. Basketball is a great form of exercise that also fosters team-building skills and a sense of community.

Through weekly sessions, children from ages 5–16 will learn all the FUNdamentals of the sport of basketball, a game that was invented at the YMCA back in 1891. Children will be divided into classes adapted to their age group (no previous experience required) and participate in weekly sessions. Each participant will be a part of a healthy learning environment built for success.

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Gym & Swim (Ages 8–13)

Friday is here and your kids still have energy to burn? Drop them off for an active evening full of games, sports and swimming with friends. Pizza and juice will be available for $2.

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Swim & Movie Mania (Ages 8-13)

Preteens...this night is just for YOU! We will be hitting the pool first thing to get our Friday night started and then we grab a slice (or two) of pizza, sit back and enjoy a movie. The perfect combination of activity and relaxation to start the weekend off right.

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Movie Mania (Ages 8–13)

Parents, enjoy a workout or night out on Friday night while your child watches a movie and has fun in the pool with friends—all in a supervised environment. Popcorn included! Pizza and juice will be available for $2.

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Girls Unite (Ages 7–14)

We want all girls to embrace their unique qualities and shine bright like a star! Have your girl join our inspiring leaders to participate in activities designed to celebrate, encourage and empower girls as well as build strong friendships and happy, healthy bodies.

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Boys in Action (Ages 7–14)

This program is just for the guys! Our awesome leaders use a variety of fun, active and engaging activities to promote healthy living, encourage positive friendships and give boys an opportunity to build lifelong skills.

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Youth Leadership Development (Ages 12–15)

Making an impact starts here. Our Youth Leadership Development program will help teens get to know themselves better while learning fundamental leadership skills and making new friends in a fun, inclusive environment. Through a variety of different games, activities, discussions and presentations, leaders will develop communication skills, work together with their peers and gain self-confidence. Youth leaders are encouraged to apply their newly developed leadership skills in Y children’s programs, during special events and fundraising at the YMCA as well as in their communities.

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FlowRider Lessons (Ages 8-14)

Do you want to learn how to stand up and ride the FlowRider? We are offering beginner and intermediate lessons at H2O. Get ready for wakeboarding in the summer!

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Youth Swimfit (Ages 13-17)

Youth can develop swimming techniques with coached workouts working on endurance, stroke development and extras such as flip turns and starting blocks.

This is not for learning to swim. Minimum requirements are the ability to complete 50m front crawls, back crawl and breaststroke or completion of our Star 4 lessons.

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Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are taught by certified YMCA swim instructors who create a fun and caring learning environment. Students learn fundamental swimming skills, while fostering a life-long appreciation for physical activity and fitness through swimming.

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Generation Health

Learn more about making healthier choices for a healthier family in the Generation Health program! FREE for families with children ages 8 to 12.

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Family Play Time

Explore, create, imagine, and play in a variety of activities for you and your child. Meet other families through group activities in a comfortable play environment and learn about services in your community. 

Let’s Play!
Youth in YMCA volunteer shirt holds baby

Babysitting and Home Alone Courses

The babysitting course teaches youth to become effective and confident babysitters. Children learn to be safe at home through Home Alone and Prepared.

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YMCA Camps are offered throughout summer, spring break, winter break and on Pro D Days to keep kids active, engaged, and unplugged.


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Financial Assistance

As a charity, the Y believes no family should be turned away because of financial circumstances. Thanks to generous donors, the Y is able to provide financial assistance to families who could not otherwise afford the full cost of Y programs and memberships.

Teen Mindfulness

Teens ages 13 to 18 who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety learn and practice healthy coping strategies in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.

Youth Employment

Our Employment Services support youth in breaking barriers to employment through workshops and skills training.