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Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety

Everyone experiences worries and anxiety. The key is to learn how to make sure these don’t get in the way of doing things you care about!

The Young Adult  Mindfulness Group offers a free 7-week psychoeducational support group for young adults ages 18–30 who experience anxiety. Participants learn healthy coping skills, connect with other youth in the community, and get support all in a safe and friendly environment. The program is overseen by mental health practitioners and is part of the Y Mind initiative.

The group provides a safe, supportive environment where youth can meet others who have had similar experiences and includes:

  • Engaging discussions about anxiety and other mental health related topics
  • Practicing evidence-based mindfulness techniques during workshops, a proven tool to help manage anxiety
  • Educational tools from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidenced-based therapy that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies
  • Take-home resources to help manage anxiety in between weekly meetings
  • A YMCA gym membership to encourage youth to manage their anxiety through physical activity
  • If anxiety is impacting your life and preventing you from doing what you want or need to do, this group can help support you. Join us at various locations in the Okanagan to learn mindfulness techniques, get helpful tools and resources, and meet other like-minded Young Adults.

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To learn more, text or call 250-258-0513, or email

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  • Ages 18–30
  • Experiencing anxiety, stress, and/or worrying (no formal diagnosis required)
  • Ability to attend an Information Session as well as all 7 group sessions
  • Not currently experiencing moderate-severe mental health symptoms

The Y Mind initiative gives Young Adults between 18-30 years the opportunity to join free programs across the province.

Crisis Support 

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, call 911, go to the emergency room or connect to a BC crisis line by calling 1-888-353-2273. View the CMHA’s support directory for more information.


Y Mind has been developed by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver and is funded through a partnership with the Province of British Columbia.

Teens Can Get Support Too

School, social pressures and extra-curricular activities can all contribute to feelings of worry and stress. That’s why we also offer a mindfulness group especially for teens ages 13–18.

Kiah’s Y is Wellbeing

Kiah's anxiety was so debilitating when she back moved to Kelowna. She decided to seek help with the YMCA Mindfulness program, learned what anxiety feels like for different people and managed to turn her life around.